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The timbrel has been used for millions of years, in the Bible there are important situations where the timbrel was used to sing and dance. In our Salvation Army it has been used since 1881, forming groups or “brigades” of ladies as part of the "war" team and it has quickly became a traditional symbol of our loved Salvation Army.
The Playa Ancha Corps Timbrel Brigade
What is a Timbrel Brigade?

A Timbrel Brigade is a group of youth in full uniform, agedly and easily making choreographic figures with marches, musicals or congregational songs. The Brigade is formed with the intention of praising our God and to be a way of blessings in our church.

Purpose of the Brigade

Our ministry as timbrel player has to be always to show other the knowledge of Christ. Through the interpretation of marches with a smile in our faces, share the change and the happiness that only God gives when we accept him in our hearts.

Junior Timbrel Brigade

It is formed by girls between the ages of 8 to 14 whom are Junior Soldiers or the Playa Ancha Corps.
To give the lord a perfect praise, they practice many hours a week in our Church and at home.

Currently the Junior Brigade is formed by:
    Karla Díaz
    Francisca Soto - Carolina Martínez
    Denisse Ibacache - Nicole Araya
    Leader of Junior Brigade: Ruth Garrido de Ramirez
    Asistant of Junior Brigade: Paula Ramirez

Adult Timbrel Brigade

It is formed by ladies and young ladies that are soldiers of the Playa Ancha Corps. They participate actively in our Corps with many other responsibilities. The Brigade takes part of the Open Air meetings, special activities such as Mother’s Day, Easter, and Anniversaries.

Currently the Adult Brigade is formed by:
    Jacqueline Bozo - Soledad Henríquez
    Yanet Henríquez - Marcela Chamorro
    Claudia Cárdenas - Katherine Caballero
    Carolina Santibáñez - Catalina Montenegro
    Paula Ramírez - Lesly Vivar
    Leader of Brigade: Yasna Garcia
    Asistant of Brigade: Yanet Henriquez

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