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•Young People and Children Ministries
Sunday School << Click Here
Each week we have our familiar meeting. Children, young people and adults meet to be instructed in the Word of God , there are different classes for all the ages.

Junior Soldiers
Since they can read, children can be members of our church, each Sunday morning, these children, till they are 14 years old, meet to study the Word of God and the History of the Church.

Corp Cadets
Is a group of young people from 13 years old, they meet weekly to study deeply to be prepared to support the church.

Young League << Click Here
Young people from 13 to 30 years old, meet every Saturday to praise God, learn his word and share their experiences in a young environment.

•Feminine Ministries
Home League
Weekly, in a friendly environment, single and married ladies meet to learn the Word of God and some handiworks to develop in a personal way and share a refreshment.

•Masculine Ministries
Men`s League
Fellowship meeting in which men of our church meet to share the word of God and to enjoy a Christian environment of friendship.

•Musical Ministries
Adult Band << Click Here
Group in charge to praise and worship in public services in our Church. Its interesting feature is the usage of brass instruments to develop their musical Ministries. It is formed by soldiers of our Corps.

Junior Band
Group of Junior Soldiers and some Soldiers who receive musical instruction in brass instruments and percussion. They meet three times in a week to practice and participate in the activities of the church.

Adult Timbrel Brigade << Click Here
Feminine group that performs this old instrument (jew origin) to join to the praise and songs in the meetings in our church. It is formed by women soldiers of our Corps.

Junior Timbrel Brigade
The girls of the church also develop their talents and participate in an active way in the praise, playing this instrument.

Group of members of our church formed to develop the talent of singing to present in special events and in that way, rise their voices in praise to God.

Young persons who sing and play modern music, “ska” music, to preach the word of God in a different way, to reach young people who like this music and need to know about the message of Christ.

•Social Ministries
League of Mercy << Click Here
It is a group of members of our church who help in social action, monthly visit the Hospital, collect cloth, etc.

“Golden Age Club” << Click Here
Monthly, there is a special meeting for aged persons, of the community; in it, they can think of the Word of God, sing, share a refreshment and even they have time to play.

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