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Playa Ancha Corps Historical summary

The history of Playa Ancha Corps is linked directly to the beginning of the Salvationist work in this territory. On October 1st of 1909, Brigadier Bonett, his wife and little son Stanley together with Lieutenant Elizabeth Wright, arrived at the Port of Valparaíso. The curiosity of little Stanley originated a solid friendship between his parents with a Christian family of foreigners, in whose home located in Daneri street in Cumming Avenue, the first Salvationist meetings in Chile took place. The importance of this encounter and first meetings would be fundamental for the future work in Playa Ancha.

In 1910, the first Salvationist Corps in Valparaíso, and the second in Chile, is founded, after Avenida Matta Corps, located in Independencia street, after transferred to Bustamante street. From here, the work begins to extend through outposts, first in Baron Hill (Cerro Baron) and then with the arrival of a Salvationist from Antofagasta (North of Chile), sister Isidora García, who, with an amazing vision opens the doors of her house to begin the work in Playa Ancha Hills (Cerro Playa Ancha), specifically in Norte street, this work would be directed by Brigadier Magnenat.

Due to the growth of the work, it was happily necessary to transfer the outpost to Domeyko street, where a dairy store was located, place where they would continue preaching about Christ’s love in that location.

The blessing of the opening of a social work in Valparaíso, the Men’s Home, in 1936, was increased some years later, in 1942, with the inauguration of the Playa Ancha Corps, in Santa Marta street (current entrance of Child Care Center of this institution) directed by Corps Officers, Majors Mc. Caw.

The necessity of having an own place to meet, was lit in the hearts of the Soldiers of that time, making the decision of working to build a meeting place, consolidating this project born in 1942. It is the remembered "Wood Corps" because of the simple construction, but important contribution to the extension of God's Kingdom in Playa Ancha.

Because the bad weather in that sector, in 1968, the Playa Ancha Corps is transferred to its current location in Rio Frio street #450, where it is working today for the Glory of the Lord.

It is good to remember the first souls that accepted the Lord in our Corps. Names like Sergeant García and the opening of her home to the beginning of the work are not forgotten. Sergeant Matilde Muñoz, Secretary and Treasurer of Corps, Sergeant Ojeda, Flag Sergeant; Mrs. Abelina Espinoza, Emma de Gómez, Carmen Fuentes, Nora Moya and Mr. Pereira. Also Sergeant Collao, Sergeant Moya, who was Secretary of Home League for 27 years, Sergeant Carroza who helped souls in the Mercy Seat and visited them too and our remembered Sergeant Sanhueza who sold War Cry.

In 1939 there were 18 people in the Corps, en 1945 t29 people were converted and one of them was a candidate to Training College of The Salvation Army.

In 1950 there were 47 recruits and in 1952, 31 Soldiers. The advanced to the year 1958 is slow, because unfortunately some people fell back from the ways of the Lord, but the work continued.

In the 60's vigils are usual, united meetings with other Corps of Valparaíso, preaching and marches to testify in the street of the Hill and the Baron Wharf (Muelle Baron). In this decade, some missionary officers donated instruments to form a small Band in Playa Ancha.

Also in this decade the. wood Platform and the floor are built, facade and the interior part of the Corps are painted.

From then on, there are regular activities and the different groups of the Corps work until today.

The decade of the 80's is marked by the important inauguration of the Open Center (current Child Care Center) by Territorial Commander Colonel Rubén D. Muesch. On April 26th 1983, under the supervision of Corps Officers, captains Maldonado, an important step in the work of the Salvation Army in Playa Ancha is concluded.

The Mercy of the Lord has been great to us and we know it will continue, the task and the work continues and all we have to say is….

Glory to the Lord ! and God bless the Playa Ancha Corps!

Data Compilation:: Soldier Susana Martínez.
Data Summary: Soldier César Maldonado.
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