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"Easter Activities, Playa Ancha Corps"

From Monday the 5th through the 11th of April we had our Easter Campaign. It started on Monday with a prayer chain, so we could have a door-to-door visitation on Tuesday, which drew many Soldiers from our Corps (Church).

On Wednesday, the Home League had their special meeting (meeting for women) where they had a visit from Major Cecilia de Moya, Divisional Women's Ministries Secretary in The Salvation Army Central Division of Chile.

On Thursday the League of Mercy visited Hospital Carlos Van Buren where they took personal hygiene items for the people there who are going though rough times, they also helped spiritually: praying and talking to the ones who needed it. About 40 people were visited.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday we had the main activities. Majors Zoila and Eduardo Cardenas, who were in charge of bringing us the Word of God in the final days of this campaign, also visited us.

On Friday we had a meeting in which we could remember the importance of the sacrifice of Jesus in the cross. Of course that God talked to us though His word, which was given by Major Cardenas.

On Saturday we had the traditional Easter all night meeting. From 7:00pm through 12:00pm. Different groups took place in this meeting.

On Sunday at 8:00am we went out on the street to have our Resurrection March, with which we tell the neighborhood that Jesus has resurrected.

After this, the Sunday School went out to tell the Jesus is alive. Balloon, the Youth Band, the Timbrel Brigade and the teachers invited everyone to rejoice because Jesus defeated death.

In the afternoon we went to Muelle Prats (walking trail next to the Valparaiso Port) where we had an Open Air Meeting, where we could also tell that Christ lives and He is here to give us life in abundance.

To finish, the whole church got together to celebrate the last Salvation Meeting. As usual, we felt the Holly Spirit, especially when Major Cardenas delivered the message of God's Word. The Lord received many souls at His feet.

We thank the Lord for his blessings this week and, of course, because Jesus Lives, Hallelujah!

Report by: First Youth Sergeant Cesar Maldonado  
Translation: Soldier Ruth Almendras  
Photos by: Captain Adriana Cardenas de Saavedra  
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