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The Music Ministry inside The Salvation Army is motivated by the love of God and it is expressed in many different ways and groups that interpret songs, choruses or musicals. However, one of the characteristics in the Salvationist world is the musical ministry of the brass bands, based in the English brass bands structure.
"Playa Ancha Corps" Band


Testify, bless people and save souls for Christ through the music.


There are no clear records of the formation of the Playa Ancha Corps Band, however, the graphic testimonies indicate its beginnings in the middle 70’s. When officers from abroad and national such as: Captains Repass, Captains Navarro, Captains Aguilera and Majors Ringle planted the seed. Pillar of this band since its beginnings was the Montenegro Ruiz family who were the 80 per cent of the whole band.

In the middle 80’s, the call of the bandsman Samuel Garrido to the Chilean Navy will mark the beginning of a new phase in the Band, together with the appointment of Major Arnoldo Soto and family to the Valparaiso Men’s Home in January 1987. This was how 5 of the 11 Soto Children plus Samuel Garrido gave the Band a new impulse.

Currently the Playa Ancha Band is still advancing, having a music school with 14 teens between the ages of 11 and 13.

At the beginning of the month of May 2002 one of the goals of the Band was met. This is how the Sunday 5th of that month and as a dedication to an officer who’s life is a blessing and a great inspiration to many of the people in the Bands, the New Band Room was opened.


The Band is formed by soldiers, volunteer men and women, who dedicate an important part of their time and resources to achieve excellence in the interpretation of their instruments, as a way of expressing worship and adoration to the Lord.

The Band is currently formed by 22 bandsmen and directed by:

Staff Playa Ancha Band
Oscar Soto Toloza, Bandmaster (1987 – 1995 & 1997 – 2002)
Samuel Garrido Moya, Deputy Bandmaster (1997 – 2002, Bandmaster in 1996)
Robinson Soto Toloza, Band Secretary, Treasurer & Public Relations (1997 – 2002)
César Maldonado Díaz, Librarian & Youth Bandmaster (1997 – 2002)

Formation Playa Ancha Band
Solo Cornet Miguel Henriquez G. 1st Trombone César Maldonado D.
Alexis García V. 2nd Trombone Samuel Ramírez G.
1st Cornet Jorge Henríquez M. Paula Ramírez G.
Johanna Morales Bass Trombone Leonardo Calabrano
2nd Cornet Ma. Claudia Cárdenas Euphonium Samuel Garrido M.
Jorge Montenegro R. Eb Bass Robinson Soto T.
Flugel Horn Pablo Ramírez G. Bb Bass Fernando Ramírez V.
Solo Horn Ruth Garrido M. Percussion Roberto Garrido C.
1st Horn Yanet Henríquez G. Francisco Díaz M.
2nd Horn Jacqueline Bozo M.      
1st Baritone Arnoldo Soto T.
2nd Baritone Lesly Vivar G. Maestro Banda Oscar Soto T.

"Give thanks unto the Lord;
For He is good: Because His mercy endureth for ever"
Psalm 118:1

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