The Salvation Army Milton Keynes Corps
Knowing God and making God known.
The Salvation Army
Milton Keynes Corps
© 09 February 2024
Music Sections
Band Master: Kevin Dare
Deputy: David Connolly
David Miskin

Ann Titus
Jane Miskin
Brenda Rooke
The Songster Brigade is the choir in our church.
The primary purpose of the Songster Brigade is to aid and enhance worship through the use of music and song. 
Each member is a dedicated Christian and fully committed member of the Salvation Army, and the aim of it's members is to bring people, through the ministry of music, words and actions, into a knowledge of God and into an experience of His Love
The Brigade takes part in the worship meetings on a Sunday, and also visits care and residential homes within the Milton Keynes area on a regular basis.  The Christmas season is a  particularly busy period in this respect.
Another aspect of the ministry of the Songster Brigade is to visit other worship centres, leading the devotional meetings and providing programmes of Christian music.
At the centre of all activities is a love for God, and a desire to serve Him through the gift of music.
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