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This site was built for the Love of Jesus and to save the lost, and for the glory of our Lord. The whole site and this ministry is in and through His name.

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Bread for All

» They Love Him More, by Rev. Juan Galloway [June'07]

» The Son of Man must be lifted up. General Shaw Clifton’s Easter Message [April 2007]

» Easter blessings from Rev. Vic Hatzfeld, Addlestone, UK [April 2007]

» Prayer for my children Prayer 8 and 9 from Major Joy Emmons- [March 2007].

» Wonderful testimony from Austin Nicholas, Bromsgrove corps, UK- [February 2007].

» New Year '07 message Bread for All - Really, from Commissioner Paul du Plessis. [January 2007]..

» New Year greetings from Gee Jo Online- [Jan'07].

» “that is above every name”—Jesus, Christmas message 2006 by Linda D Johnson [December 2006].

» Christmas message -2006 'Words and songs to greet the Saviour', from the General of the Salvation Army. [December 2006].

» Christmas wishes from our family-[December 2006].

L a t e s t  N e w s


» President Bush to recognize Yuma Man for dedication to Volunteer service

» Commissioner Betty Matear to become Moderator of the Free Churches.

»  National Association of Evangelicals appoints Commissioner W Todd Bassett as new executive Director.

»  Commissioner Israel Gaither – Steady consistency under pressure.

» Office of the General to Launch Pastoral Letters Dispatched Electronically to Soldiers. [February 2007].

» Chief of the Staff Urges Technology Managers to Seek Innovative Ways to Support Salvation Army Mission -[February 2007].

» International Headquarters to Establish Social Justice Commission. [February 2007]

» An exciting new step has been made, and the People's Voice has been re-titled to become known as The Soapbox- [February 2007].

» '5 Years Online and still going strong'- [January 2007].

» My friend Glen's new Book 'The Elvis Interview released- [January 2007].