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‘Never judge a book by its cover’,

Thank you for mentioning my new novel, The Elvis Interviews on your web site. Some of your visitors may question why you would be promoting what looks to be a secular novel on a Salvation Army related website. Like the old adage says, ‘never judge a book by its cover’, so perhaps a letter of explanation would be in order.

As you know, I produced a three CD audio drama on the life of William and Catherine Booth and the founding of the Salvation Army called, Blood & Fire( I must confess that before I started to research my project, I knew very little about the Army. Its existence I knew of course, (the whole world knows about The Salvation Army) but I had absolutely no idea on how it came to be. When I learned the history of the Army’s early beginnings, their dramatic style, their outlandish antics, their dedication to the cause, I felt I had just
stumbled on what could possibly be one of the world’s best kept secrets. How could the roots of such a well know well respected organization for the most part, go unnoticed? There I was, a former pastor, and I didn’t know the story.

Now, being a pastor with a strong desire to evangelize, and coming from an entertainment and theatrical background, I could relate to the Booth’s innovative style of evangelizing. Namely, get people’s interest in new and creative ways, then give them the Good News about Jesus Christ. In my estimation, no one was more creative than William and Catherine in that respect. I believe you posted a comment on your website about William owning one of the first motor cars and using it for purposes of attracting attention. Well, that was my inspiration and primary focus for writing The Elvis Interviews, a different vehicle with which to attract attention in order to share the word. But why Elvis you ask? I came across a book on Elvis Presley that chronicled his rise to fame and his ultimate demise laid out in a day-by-day anthology. What particularly caught my interest was the author’s comments on Elvis’s early religious experience. The more I learned, the more I wondered was his religious experience real? Did he have a relationship with Christ? If so, what happened?

Those questions led me to examine Elvis’s life in a more pragmatic way. Having spent the first part of my life in show business, and having traveled extensively across the USA with my band, I could relate in a small way to what Elvis must have experienced on a gigantic scale. I can only imagine the pitfalls of fame and fortune in Elvis’s life. (I say that in retrospect, having become a Christian in 1982.) How would I have fared under the same conditions? Could I have stood up under the onslaught? All of that attention and adoration? All of that money? Just imagine being able to do absolutely anything you wanted and having no one close to you to hold you accountable? How would you hold up?

Then, as the writer’s imagination kicked in, I began to wonder what a scenario might look like if, as the conspiracy theorists surmise, Elvis Presley really did fake his death. How would he have pulled it off? The bigger question is, WHY would he fake his own death? The only reason I could think of was, freedom. Freedom from the obvious ravages that fame and fortune were taking on his being. (My character, Sheriff Jesse Smith actually deals with this subject in my book.) But even if Elvis could get free from his circumstances, unless he had a heart change, he could never truly be free from himself. As a Christian I believe his only chance would have been through Jesus. (He whom the Son sets free – is free indeed). That was the actual premise of my book. The story surrounding the theft of the famous Pink Cadillac was a vehicle to present a scenario of what things might have looked like if Elvis had of accepted his ONLY way out.

God is faithful. He will not allow the temptation to be more than you can stand. When you are tempted, he will show you a way out so that you can endure. (1 Corinthian 10:13)

In authoring my book, The Elvis Interviews, I believe I am using the same methods the early Salvation Army used in attracting attention to the Gospel, albeit through a secular medium. My book was never written as a ‘Christian’ book for ‘Christian’ readers. It was written to attract attention from the world to the cause of Christ. If I can get a person to wonder, to ask questions, to thoughtfully consider Christ, I’ve accomplished my task.

Well, Gee, I hope you have found this account of why I came to write my book informative. Please feel free to share it with the people who visit your website. And keep fighting the good fight, my brother.

Blessings to you and your family…

Glen Bonham


President Bush to recognize YUMA MAN for dedication to volunteer service.

Released 10 April 2007
Contact: Alyssa McClenning - April 6, 2007 202-456-7381

President George W. Bush will present the President's Volunteer Service Award to Michael Christopher when he arrives at the airport in Yuma, Arizona, on Monday, April, 9, 2007. Christopher is a volunteer with The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Yuma. To thank them for making a difference in the lives of others, President Bush honors a local volunteer when he travels throughout the United States. President Bush has met with more than 575 individuals around the country, like Christopher, since March 2002.

Christopher has been a volunteer for 12 years with the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Yuma and has logged more than 5,000 hours of volunteer service. As the volunteer Athletic Director for the club's after-school programs, he plans and supervises sports and activities and works with the students to instill positive leadership skills and character development. In addition, Christopher volunteers at the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Yuma summer camp and assists with other special events and programs.

In his January 2002 State of the Union Address, President Bush called on all Americans to make a difference in their communities through volunteer service. He created USA Freedom Corps, an Office of the White House, to strengthen and expand volunteer service. Americans are responding to the President's Call to Service. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 61 million Americans volunteered in 2006. Go to or call 1-877-USA-CORPS to find an existing volunteer service opportunity in your area or to find more information about service programs, including national service programs such as the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, and Citizen Corps. USA Freedom Corps is also highlighting youth volunteer service. Visit for games and ideas designed to show how America's youth are making a difference.

The President's Volunteer Service Award was created at the President's direction by the President's Council on Service and Civic Participation. The Award is available to youth ages 14 and under who have completed 50 or more hours of volunteer service; to individuals 15 and older who have completed 100 or more hours; and to families or groups who have completed 200 or more hours. For more information about the Award, please visit

Commissioner Betty Matear to become Moderator of the Free Churches

Commissioner Betty Matear will become the first Salvationist to hold the office of Moderator of the Free Churches Group when she is inducted to the position at a public ceremony at The Salvation Army's William Booth College on Wednesday 25 April.

The Free Churches Moderator is one of four presidents of Churches Together in England. The others are the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, and a fourth nominated by other churches in England including Orthodox, Black Majority, Lutheran and Quakers. The fourth president is currently Bishop Nathan Hovhannisian, primate of the Armenian Church of Great Britain.

The presidents meet regularly to pray and discuss matters concerning the Church in England. They also take the lead in representing Christians at state events such as the Remembrance Day service at the Cenotaph in Whitehall.

In June 2002 the four presidents signed a Personal Covenant in the presence of the Queen at Windsor Castle. Commissioner Matear will also sign this covenant when she takes over as a president of Churches Together in England.

In December 2006 the presidents led a high-profile peace pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Since the 1880s there have been bodies established to enable 'Free Churches' to have a common voice and a public presence. In 1940 the Free Church Federal Council was created, bringing together a number of predecessor bodies. The Moderator of the Free Churches represents 21 denominations, some of whom are also members of Churches Together in England.

Issues currently causing concern to the Free Churches Council include legislative changes in the Charities Act and Equalities Act as well as the debate over the employment status of ministers of religion.

Commissioner Matear currently heads the women's ministries team in The Salvation Army across the UK and Ireland. When asked about her personal agenda, Commissioner Matear said: 'I wish to emphasise that which unites rather than that which divides Christians. I want to focus on the strengths of particular denominations and how we can enrich each other. For example, while I firmly believe in the particular ministry of The Salvation Army, I also believe in the particular ministry of other denominations. Every Christian needs to be confident in who they are and willing to tell society about their confidence in God.

'It is a huge privilege working with these other leaders. I feel very humble, particularly in the light of the rich heritage of the British Free Churches. I hope that we can build on this heritage in the next four years. In these days one major evil is human trafficking and I believe the churches must speak and act to combat this.'

Everyone is welcome to attend the induction on Wednesday 25 April at William Booth College in Denmark Hill. It will be conducted by Rev David Coffey, President of the World Baptist Alliance, who has been the Free Churches Moderator since 2003. Starting at 6:30pm, the service will include music from The Salvation Army's International Staff Songsters and Cadets' band.

National Association of Evangelicals appoints Commissioner W Todd Bassett as new Executive Director.

For Immediate Release: January 16, 2007, Contact Person: Richard Cizik

Washington, D.C. -- W. Todd Bassett, former National Commander of The Salvation Army, has been named Executive Director of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE).

"Todd Bassett brings the highest level of leadership and experience to his new position as Executive Director of the National Association of Evangelicals," said Leith Anderson, NAE President. "He is well known and respected among evangelicals and the broader religious community of America. I am thrilled to have him join our leadership team."

Bassett has served on the association’s Executive Committee for four years, representing The Salvation Army, one of the organization’s 60 member denominations. In his new role as Executive Director, he will oversee NAE’s administrative, financial, and communications functions and help formulate and implement organizational vision and strategy.

"As former National Commander of The Salvation Army, one of the premier service organizations in the world, Todd will bring a wealth of experience to this new role," said Richard Cizik, Vice President for Governmental Affairs. "We all look forward to working with him. He’s a man of great integrity and spiritual stature," Cizik said.

"I’ve watched first hand his handling of a national crisis, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the devastation it wreaked, and can say that the credit The Salvation Army received for its splendid response, can in part be given to his leadership. Moreover, Todd has a special burden for the poor and he’ll be able to lend his commitment and experience to this aspect of our governmental affairs work," Cizik said.

Todd and his wife Carol were commissioned as officers in the Salvation Army in 1965 and have served in ministry for nearly 42 years in a variety of appointments. Their assignments have included youth ministry, the School for Officers' Training, and divisional and territorial leadership. They also served for two years at the Army's International Headquarters in London.

Bassett was appointed National Commander of the Salvation Army in 2002 and served in that post until April 2006.

Reported by Richard Cizik, excerpted from the NAE website,

Commissioner Israel Gaither – Steady consistency under pressure

Newly elected National Commander of the Salvation Army in the U.S., Israel Gaither has absolute conviction and high level communication – thus he overcame the odds. The first African American Commander (and a mixed marriage), Gaither is a superb preacher and speaker – he would say it’s the power of God and if you met him you would not argue. Nor would you argue about his skill as a communicator playing a strong role in his rise to leadership – strong of voice, well prepared, always focused, and with movement, energetic gestures and expressive language and word pictures – he commands an audience whether it is a small group of civic leaders, or thousands of the members of his Army. (Which by the way is the largest army in the world – with over three million officers, employees and volunteers and a $2.6 billion budget.) Gaither’s biography is called titled “Man With A Mission,” so its likely you will be hearing a lot more from him.

Office of the General to Launch Pastoral Letters Dispatched Electronically to Soldiers

Office of the General to Launch Pastoral Letters Dispatched Electronically to Soldiers MARCH 2007 will see the General initiating a huge step forward in mass communications within The Salvation Army, in a move which will strengthen the pastoral role of the office of the General. For a very brief period in the earliest days of The Salvation Army the first General, William Booth, had a luxury no subsequent General has enjoyed: the facility to communicate directly with his soldiers through The
War Cry, published in the UK, where at that time all the Army’s soldiers were found. However, that situation lasted for just a few short months before the geographical spread of the Army – first to the USA and then to Ireland, France, Canada, India, Switzerland, Sweden and all points north, south, east and west – meant that most of his soldiers were out of easy reach. More than 120 years and 17 Generals later, advances in technology have now made it possible for the General again to communicate directly and virtually instantaneously with his soldiers, wherever in the world they are. General Clifton intends to do that through periodic Pastoral Letters which will be distributed electronically. During the Lenten period leading to Easter, the General will write the first such Pastoral Letter which will be sent to every soldier, anywhere in the world, who provides International Headquarters with his or her email address. The Pastoral Letter will also be published on a new web page dedicated to the office of the General, enabling soldiers to read it on screen or print it out from their home computer, or in such places as internet cafés. The General’s web page can be viewed at To meet the needs of soldiers without access to electronic communications the Pastoral Letters will also be distributed in ways appropriate to local circumstances. The letters – offering spiritual guidance reflecting the General’s pastoral role as the Army’s international leader – will be published in a number of languages. The intention is that every soldier will have access to a copy in a language he or she understands. The letters will be published several times a year. Those wishing to register their email address with a view to receiving the General’s Pastoral Letter as an email should sign up: by logging on to or by emailing their address to or by sending their email address by post to Communications Section, The Salvation Army IHQ, 101 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4P 4EP, United Kingdom. Report by the Communications Secretary International Headquarters


Chief of the Staff Urges Technology Managers to Seek Innovative Ways to Support Salvation Army Mission

Chief of the Staff Urges Technology Managers to Seek Innovative Ways to Support The Salvation Army's Mission SALVATION Army technology managers from around the globe gathered in Atlanta, Georgia (USA Southern Territory), for the sixth International Technical Exchange (ITX). Commissioner William Roberts, International Secretary for Business Administration (International Headquarters), chaired the meeting of 35 delegates from 14 countries – Australia, Canada, Democratic Republic of Congo, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, The Philippines, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The keynote speaker for the opening session was the Chief of the Staff, Commissioner Robin Dunster, who asked the delegates to consider the risks and challenges technology brings to the Army as it expands in both traditional and non-traditional ways. She affirmed previous ITX recommendations that innovative ways be sought to use technology to support the mission of The Salvation Army and suggested that delegates consider defining this further during the conference. Following the presentation by the Chief of the Staff, Commissioner Roberts briefed the delegates regarding the status of 'The Way Forward', the financing plan for The Salvation Army internationally. He also detailed the need to be transparent and accountable in all dealings since what the Army does has been entrusted to it by God. The remainder of the agenda was led by Mark Calleran, Information Technology Manager, IHQ. Included in the agenda were a number of demonstrations of new software applications, discussion of IT performance indicators and examples of 'best of breed' applications used throughout the Army world. Highlights of the gathering included an enlightening 'African Perspective' by Jean Marc Mbumu from the Democratic Republic of Congo and a 'South East Asian Perspective' by Victor Benganan Jr from The Philippines. Both perspectives helped delegates understand the technology challenges faced by Salvation Army commands and territories in developing nations. Following these presentations, delegates were able to review successes in technology that have been achieved in developing nations since the last meeting of this group in 2005 as well as hear of some of the solutions that are expected to be revealed in the near future. The meeting facilitated the exchange of ideas and technologies that will be useful to many parts of the Army world. Additionally, the delegates learned of need in other parts of the world and were urged to consider how they or their sponsoring territories/commands may be useful in finding solutions. Commissioner Roberts closed ITX with the reminder that although all are at different places in their spiritual journey all are at some point on the journey. He quoted the last line of the Dietrich Bonhoeffer poem 'Who Am I?' that says: 'Whoever I am, thou knowest, O God, I am thine!' Report by Ron Shoults.


International Headquarters to Establish Social Justice Commission

International Headquarters to Establish Social Justice Commission GENERAL Shaw Clifton has announced that a new unit of International Headquarters – the International Social Justice Commission (ISJC) – will come into being on 1 July 2007. It will be led by a senior officer who will carry the designation of International Director for Social Justice. The commission and its director will be attached to the office of the Chief of the Staff, although its offices will be based in New York in the
USA Eastern Territory. The first Director of ISJC will be Commissioner M. Christine MacMillan, currently Territorial Commander of Canada and Bermuda. The shape and main purposes of the commission are as follows: The director will lead a small team of full-time specialists, all committed Salvationists. The commission will be a permanent, standing body. A panel of expert international consultants will be created. The director and staff will be the Army’s principal international advocate and adviser on social, economic and political issues and events giving rise to the perpetuation of social injustice in the world. They will assist the Army in addressing social injustice in a systematic, measured, proactive and Christian manner, consistent with the purposes for which God raised up The Salvation Army. The commission will advise the General and other senior leaders at IHQ in matters of social justice. It will absorb and extend the current work of the Moral and Social Issues desk at IHQ,
re-introducing an International Moral and Social Issues Council (IMASIC). The commission will expand and develop the Army’s role and influence within the United Nations, supervising and coordinating the work now being done in New York, Vienna and Geneva. It will place on a more systematic and effective basis the role of the Army in relation to other major world forums, advising the General on representation therein. The commission will liaise regularly with territorial and other Army groups
engaged in social justice advocacy, seeking to ensure a coordinated approach and offering encouragement and guidance. It will liaise with territories and commands where as yet little is being done in relation to issues of social justice, seeking to find ways in which such a role can be undertaken by the Army in the local setting. The General concludes: 'I believe that God is providing us with a moment of his choosing for this initiative. Again, please bring it all to him in prayer and uphold the director and staff as they come into office later this year.'



An exciting new step has been made, and the People's Voice has been re-titled to become known as The Soapbox. This decision was made due to other publications being titled things close to or the same as the people's voice in the USA and Canada - where our subscribers now number many. The change of name is all that has changed. The content is still side splitting, politically challenging and tackles revolutionary social justice issues, and all proceeds will contribute to efforts the help the homeless.

To launch The Soapbox a new web-page has been created. The new web page offers you the ability to subscribe on-line. It costs only $15 (The same price as 6 cups of coffee) and will benefit real people living on the street - as all proceeds are donated to missions that work with the homeless. What's more - you can now become a subscriber anywhere in the world! To subscribe just visit It's dead easy!. by Tim McPherson, Salvation Army THQ, AUS Southern Territory.


A Letter from the Author

I guess it all started in September of 1956. I was eleven years old at the time, living in London, Ontario—in one of those wartime houses so common throughout Canada. Darned if I can remember what else I happened to be doing that evening, but I do recall that The Ed Sullivan Show was blaring from the television. I was half-watching the program, half doing something else.

Suddenly I was aware of this incredible 'music' coming from the TV! I don't think I had ever heard anything quite like it in my entire young life. My Mom loved music and always had something playing in the house—either on an old 78 rpm record player or the radio. We listened to all of the popular songs of that era—but the music I heard that evening was something else.

When I turned to get a better look at the television I saw this young twenty-one year-old man—possibly the best looking guy I had ever seen. He was smiling broadly—famous curled lip—and had greased-up hair. He was surrounded by a guitar player, a bass player, a drummer—and he was singing his heart out to a brand-new, almost hypnotic beat. Nothing would ever match the excitement I felt that evening. I remember phoning a friend immediately following the show and asking him, "Did you see that guy on Ed Sullivan? What was that?"

Not long afterward, I spent an entire afternoon carving two drumsticks from a piece of wood I'd found in the garage. I pulled an assortment of my mom's pots out of the kitchen cupboard and tried to duplicate that rhythm I heard, now locked in my soul. This was probably the beginning of my musical career.

You could say that I grew up on Elvis, and that my first exposure to his performance on Ed Sullivan predetermined the next twenty or so years of my life. During those decades, I followed his career while developing my own musical path. In 1976, I ended my professional music career following an engagement in Altoona, Pennsylvania. The following year, in Memphis, Tennessee, Elvis would leave the building for good. But he never completely left our hearts. Here it is, almost thirty years later, and I've just finished a novel called The Elvis Interviews.

You can now purchase
"The Elvis Interview" online through this site your credit card payment will be processed securely by Pay Pal. The books cost $21.95 each plus shipping and handling (all prices are in Canadian dollars) [click here to buy this book]



HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007! 2006 fade away, we begin a fresh with a clean, new year. How awesome it is to look upon the beginning of all the potential this year holds for all of us. We are eager to be connecting and resourcing you even more this year with vibrant and relevant resources that will help you grow and equip you for great ministries in 2007. We look forward in eager anticipation to all that God has in store!.

"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we as or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever!" Ephesians 3:20


Christmas and New Year Greetings from our heart to yours.... we wish you a very blessed Christmas and a truly prosperous New Year in the Lord.


Your time is coming dear friend, you may have been through hell, and high water. You have been through many different circumstances but know this that the father never fails that He is faithful and this is a time to trust God for the unthinkable, the unimaginable and tap in to the breakthrough anointing that He has sovereignly placed upon this ministry and which is available to you as my highly valued visitor.


The Father loves you so much that He sent his only Son so you could be reconciled with Him and He has great plans for your life. Reconciliation and restoration are the cries of the father and also of Gee Jo Online-that I would know Him more intimately. Everything Jesus talked about pointed to the Father and this is what we as the Gee Jo Online need to do. Gee Jo Online is the Fathers net work and everything points to Him and so we pray that the Fire of God would fall in greater level in your life.


We praise God for everything He has done and as we always say, what God has done for us He can do for you!

Thank you so much for your part in my website ministry to reach the souls. Where ever you are in from us that we never forget you- we carry you in our hearts- you are our treasure in eternity.

We wish you and your families and extended families the most wonderful Christmas, remembering the birth of our Lord Jesus and thanking the father that He so loved us that He sent us His only begotten Son, so that none of us would perish.

God Bless You

With so VERY much love in our wonderful Lord Jesus, from our hearts.

Gee Jo, Princy and Ajin G Sam

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