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Wednesday, January 29 The Solent Fellowship Band (England) Wednesday, February 26 Cambridge Citadel and Community & Family Services
Wednesday, March 26 Mississauga Temple Band
Wednesday, April 30 Hespeler Salvation Army Community Church
Wednesday, May 28 Salvation Army London Public Relations
Wednesday, June 25 Kitchener Salvation Army Family Services
Wednesday, July 16 Albert Stewart, Melbourne, Australia
Wednesday, July 30 Woodstock Salvation Army Band
Wednesday, August 27 Majors Anne and Ralph Hewlett (Cambridge)
Wednesday, September 24 Ray and Elsie Brooks & Terry and Lynn Wright (London Citadel)
Wednesday, October 15 Gospel Brass - Hespeler
Wednesday, October 29 Cambridge Citadel and Community & Family Services
Wednesday, November 26 Mississauga Temple Band
Monday, December 17 Grace Sison, The Philippines

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