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Intercultural ministry team sets objectives

Agincourt, Toronto - The statement of the intercultural ministry is:

As disciples and soldiers of Jesus Christ we will contribute to the ministry by reaching out to the multicultural people in Toronto and spreading the Gospel.

Making friends through Jesus Christ and bringing them to the Agincourt church, integrating the participants of this ministry into our Sunday worship service and encouraging them to accept Jesus Christ.

The team has set these objectives:

1. Search the demographic statistics (census tracts) of the Agincourt church community; analyze and present report to leadership.

2. Access and analyze the current ethnic members and let them be leaders in this ministry to grow gradually.

3. Organize the intercultural ministry team, which consists of seven people and organizing prayer meetings mixed with young/senior Caucasian members and ethnic members.

4. Spread the Gospel with people and the public relations about The Salvation Army and Agincourt Community Church, meeting people at community centres, hospitals, etc. as well as personal networking.

5. Follow up with newcomers and build fellowship through teamwork. Welcome them and introduce them to other members. Create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere as well as guide and encourage them to join the church program, Bible study group and Sunday worship.

The team consists of Thomas Yoo (Korean), Annie and Martin Liou (Chinese), Carmita Brewster (Barbadian), Daudet Bwanda Vinda (Congolease), Junko Yashizawa (Japanese) and Major Donna Millar (internship supervisor).